Meet the members of WRECKLESS Jane

Photo: Chris Morgan

Photo: Chris Morgan



John Bissa/ bass

Gerald Collins/ electric guitar

Jamie Gawecki/ drums

Chrissy Morgan/ sennheiser microphone


It all started when…

John asked Gerald, Jamie, and Chrissy if they were interested in joining a new band. They all said yes. They've been writing songs and practicing between Gerald's basement and John's garage ever since.

And that was Wreckless Jane. Wreckless with a ‘W’ — as in W.T.F.!?!
— WJ Fan
WRECKLESS Jane is a brand new band from the front man from Jeecy and the Jungle, the rhythm section from Six and the Sevens and Detroit uber-voice Chrissy Morgan. Like Zeppelin meets Ray Charles
— Hamtramck Music Fest Facebook Page